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Additional Course Information & Pricing

What is taught in the Kupale Women & Children's Domestic Safety and Assault Prevention?

First of all, this won't be an exercise course! And this won't be aerobics, or kick boxing, or karate, nor grappling around. There will not be a guy in a rubber suit taking a pounding.

This is SIMPLE - anyone in any condition can do it. We have taught thousands of women and children. From 10 year old girls up to 86 year old girls.

We have taught Blind Women programs, Women in Wheelchairs, women of every kind, shape and condition.

We have done our homework. We researched all the crimes against women in Hawaii for the last 20 years, with the cooperation of the District Attorney General's Office.

Who teaches this course?

Professor Steve McLaughlin, 8th degree black belt in Hawaiian DanZan Ryu Jujitsu, with over 40 years teaching experience.

He is also a master locksmith, master pistolsmith, archer, knife fighter and knife/sword maker.

Prof McLaughlin has a Masters in Oriental Medicine (acupuncture, massage, nutrition, laser, magnet therapy, herbal medicine).

We have taught over 12,000 women in our course in the last 30+ years!

A Few Things We Will Cover -
in Just One Afternoon

  • Simple escapes from the worst choke holds, strangles, pin downs - even if you are in bed and under the covers, or in a public bathroom
  • Dog attacks
  • Kidnapping - home and car
  • Car jacking
  • Offensive driving tips to break kidnap block-in
  • How to change a flat tire in 10 seconds
    or less
  • How to avoid being followed and how to react, walking or driving
  • How to make a police report and what to do about it
  • How to work with a police sketch artist
  • Locks and doors
  • How to avoid the actual crimes scenarios that happen here in Hawaii
  • College and dorm scenarios
  • Date rape drugs and what to do
  • How to make a "safe room"
  • First aid
  • Debunk a lot of "self-defense" myths and show what really happens and what really works. For example, less than 12% of all attacks are done in parking lots. Come find out the real facts.

We will cover over 30 different subjects and scenarios in our single afternoon course!

Prices and Information for the
2020 Kupale Program

The Kupale Course is a single "one-afternoon" class. It is 4 hours long, taught in one hour segments with breaks in between. We have free parking and are located conveniently at the edge of a beautiful State Park behind the Queen Emma Summer Palace on the Pali Highway at the old Daijingu Temple.

We are offering deeply discounted prices for our 2020 program. Our "Angel" funding from 7Treasures Health & Acupuncture and the on-line HawaiiHealthGuide.com are contributing to getting our program out to the widest participation range possible.

With the gifting for ALL participants from our Angels who believe in the program so much, the prices are:

$75 for each adult, 18 years and older

$45 for each child 17 years and under (to 10 years old)

(Our baseline price for all participants is normally $125 per person.)

All participants under 18 years old must have a guardian taking the course on the mat with them. Minors are not allowed to take the course alone or with other minors only.

This is one of the main reasons for the success of this course: To have a parent or guardian involved in the training will help maintain the knowledge and good habits learned in the course at home.

We do not allow observers - this is a hands-on class only.

Co-ed classes are offered quarterly - please keep an eye on our calendar.

PS: Another Gift from our Angels - anyone who has taken the course may take it again for free, within one year if they bring another paid participant into the course.


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