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So Who Has Taken Our Class and Recommends It?

A Few Local Notables Who Have Attended

  • Joint Spouse Military Conference, Ford Island 2012
  • The Baraquio Sisters + Angela Baraquio, Miss America
  • All the Hawaii Family Court Judges, and all their families!
  • Diane Ako, TV News Anchor
  • Marisa Yamane, TV News Anchor
  • The Perry and Price Radio Show Staff
  • Sabrina MacKenna, Supreme Court Judge
  • State of Hawaii Agency for the Blind (37 participants and their dogs!)
  • Catherine Toth, News Editor Honolulu Advertisor
  • Dangerous Curves, Hawaii Women’s Motorcycle Club
  • Kerry Miller, News Editor MidWeek Magazine
  • Castle Hospital Staff
  • Moilili Community Center Staff
  • Katherine Fisher, Oahu’s leading acupuncturist, Honolulu’s #1 Aerial Yoga instructors -- and owner of Hawaii Health Guide.com
  • Honolulu Boys and Girls Club
  • Hawaii Girl Scouts
  • Hawaii District Attornies General “Weed & Seed” anti-violence-drug program

Testimonials From Our Students

Hi Steve,

Just a note to THANK YOU for empowering my daughter and me w/ valuable self-defense skills!  We walked away feeling more confident than when we walked into your class.  As a mother of a teen, you not only verified what I have been telling my daughter but also made her realize the importance of being on the alert as a possible target.  It only takes one time and your whole life could change.  My daughter and I felt so good about this course that we have told our family and friends.  We highly recommend your course.

Lastly, thank you for extending a refresher class to the participants.  We look forward to seeing you and your assistants again.  Mahalo.

- Denise & Brianna

Hi Steve,

Thanks for a great class!  It would be really good if you could offer the class to high school and college girls... maybe through the UH student housing office.

I've told quite a few friends about it.  If you would like to spread the word about the class, I suggest you have some inexpensive, fun postcards printed up and ask the women who thought the class was worthwhile to give them to five friends.  Having a printed piece with website and class info will make a great reminder.  If you're interested, I can help you with the design -- you would just need to pay for the printing.  Thanks.

- Cindy

Thank you Steve,

Great class!  Since this is my second time taking the class, I feel I have missed a lot the first time or just didn't remember.  It was clearer this time around and still feel I need more practice because once I got home, I don't remember everything we went over yesterday.  Yes, this class is excellent and I feel empowered.  I would totally recommend your class to my friends.  I heard about your class through a friend but I don't think too many people know about this class.  If people know about it, they would take the class.

Thanks again and have a wonderful week.

- Jasmine

Dear Chief Ogino,

I just wanted to express my sincerest gratitude and appreciation for the great kick off of our Safety Preparedness Series, starting with Sgt. Pukahi and Prof. McLaughlin who worked with the UHM Women’s Center.  Sgt. Pukahi and Prof. McLaughlin were terrific in getting the point across to our students about being safe and aware, stressing the buddy system and giving practical advice and tips.  I’m certain we will be coming back again for more training for both our students and our admin staff.

Thank you again for assisting us.  We all are looking forward to the next session.

- Dean

Hi Steve,

It was a pleasure meeting you and taking your class.  We all enjoyed the experience.  Thank you for your email, thoughts and insight, I appreciate it.  At first I was not sure who you were until I read part way through your email, and then I realized who you are, it is thoughtful of you to follow up with this email and you are a “GREAT” teacher doing good and helpful work.  Thank you, Sensei.

P.S.  I know many people who would benefit and learn something from your class not only women, but men and children as well.

- Carmen

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